Strengthening capacity building of local researchers in Papua New Guinea

By Leontine Baje and Rodney L. Itaki

Research expands knowledge and information for development.

This paper is an informal survey assessing the state of institutional infrastructure that facilitates the advancement of Papua New Guinean researchers within PNG and discusses the challenges that limit opportunities for training and development.

Some factors that could improve research capacity are;

(1) Building a common view to support local researchers among in-country stakeholders,

(2) Research and higher education leadership vested in creating opportunities for training from undergraduate to higher degree levels

(3) Activate and expand funding schemes to provide assistance to student researchers and build institutional capacity and

(4) Promote activities that strengthen research culture such as academic publishing which has declined. While international collaborations have assisted PNG greatly in developing research to current standards, a greater level of commitment and action is needed within PNG institutions to improve and maximize the development of local researchers.

This is a review paper published in Divine Word University Research Journal.

Access the full article here: Download full article.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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