Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences Continues To Attract Papers From Around The World!

Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences Continues To Attract Papers From Around The World!

Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences continues to attract papers from around the world.

The Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences (Pac J Med Sci) published by the Basic Medical Sciences Division at the University of Papua New Guinea School of Medicine and Health Sciences is slowly growing a reputation within the Asia-Pacific region as a credible peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal. I have been tracking the journal since its inception and I have seen the quality of the articles continue to improve. Another sure sign that the journal is getting a global readership is that the number of papers being submitted by authors within the Asia-Pacific Region is increasing. There have been also an increase in the number of articles from Africa and Middle East. In the last edition of 2019, a letter to the editor from Argentina was published.

What is visibly missing (and disappointing for me) is the lack of authors from Papua New Guinea. For a journal published by University of Papua New Guinea, it is disheartening to note the absence of PNG medical authors.

There are many factors for this but in my opinion I think one of the key factors is that many PNG health professionals do not have the writing skills. Something that I have written about in my blog for many years now. There is clearly a need for training in this area.

I hope that this area of training can be targeted and the Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences can be a good training platform for aspiring PNG medical writers and scholars.


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