What Happened To The Proposed PNG Occupational Health Bill?

What happened to the proposed occupational health bill (OHS)?

I started writing about the PNG OHS bill around 2014 when the 1st draft was written up in 2012 – OHS Bill 2012. Then if I recall correctly there was a second round of review. The proposed bill was sent to stakeholders – private and public sector parties, but since then no update.

The OHS bill is a vital piece of legislation for the protection of employees, public safety, environmental protection and ensuring private companies in the extractive, construction and other resource sectors in PNG to be compliant to existing safety and public health laws. The bill will also ensure people being hired for high risk jobs are fit for the job. And indirectly the bill will create and encourage the growth of Occupational Health as a speciality branch of medicine in PNG. But I am of the view that lack of such laws allows companies, statutory bodies and government departments in PNG to compromise public and environmental safety.

I hope this proposed bill re-surfaces and becomes a law in PNG soon. Happy to hear from anyone who is involved with the proposed bill. Leave your comments for discussion.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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