Shortage of Pathologists in Papua New Guinea Contributing to Long Turn-Around-Time for Cancer Diagnosis

I was invited by PNG Air this week for the Pinktober Cancer Awareness information session.

PNG Air, one of the major third level airlines in PNG organised the event to allow their employees to be informed about cancer as a disease as well as challenges in PNG and what they can do access cancer prevention services currently offered in Port Moresby.

I gave an overview of what cancer is and focused on the two major cancers affecting women in PNG – breast and cervical cancer. Over 90% of the attendees were female employees. It would have been good to have more men in there as well. But I am hoping for another session to talk about common cancers affecting men in PNG. I think this area is a neglected area.

The session was organised by Sr Dorish Palangat and Team from the Health, Environment and Safety department – an all female team! Hats off to you ladies and job well done! Congratulations.

The session ended with a Q&A session and topped it off with morning tea.


Photo of me with the organizers. And Thank you ladies.

And in the news. Click on the links below to see as reported by NBC PNG.


Next, we hope to have a session information on men’s cancer.


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