Kumul Game Changers: Creating Generation NEXT in PNG!

I had this idea when studying in Japan in 2005 but everywhere I looked and searched, all I received was negativity. Even PNG National Department of Health analysed this idea and said it was too expensive and not worth the investment.

Now I get a change to make an impact with this idea thanks to Kumul Foundation and Kumul Game Changers.

Next week in I get to attend a 2 day workshop facilitated by world-renowned trainer Henrik Sheel. And I get to refine my idea and pitch to a panel of investors.

I really believe the idea I have can make a real impact and save many lives in PNG. I just need a chance to show how it works. And I know it will work!!

I am halfway there. The next few weeks would be a very steep learning curve, adrenaline rush emotional roller-coaster for me.

Will keep you all posted on this blog.

About rodney itaki

A physician trying to become a writer.
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  1. Well done Rodney and I know you will gain a lot from the session’s. The fact that you have come this far in this competition means that you are on to something. Mate I am looking forward to hearing from you about your proposal

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