Low Cost Health Care In Papua New Guinea: Advice For Travelers To PNG.

Low Cost Health Care In Papua New Guinea.

By Guest Blogger – Jason Harter.

Low Cost Healthcare in Papua New Guinea

Whether you actually live in Papua New Guinea or you’re on a vacation there, it’s important to know what types of illness and injury treatment options are available. When the budget is low and you’re running out of money, it’s important to be familiar with the low-cost options available.

Traveling Health Insurance Policies
When traveling to a foreign country, it’s never a bad idea to look into some traveler’s health insurance plans. Talk to your travel agent or read some information on a reputable website (.org or .edu) to find information on how to receive this type of insurance. By planning ahead, you’ll likely be able to keep costs down if a sickness or injury does arise during the vacation.

Someone You Know
Finding a reputable doctor can be difficult, and it’s always best to ask for personal recommendations. What is even better than personal recommendations though? Using a doctor who you personally know. While some do not wish to mix business and pleasure, this is a very safe idea when you’re traveling in a new country. Maybe it’s someone you met during the journey or someone who you are visiting. Explain your financial situation to the doctor when booking the appointment and ask if there is anything that he or she can do for you. You’ll likely have better luck with an acquaintance or friend than with a stranger.

Visit Rural Areas
You may already know that there are certain movements to provide low-cost healthcare to poor individuals living in the rural parts of Papua New Guinea. Therefore, whether you live in the country or are visiting, head to these rural areas to seek out treatment. However, it’s extremely important to not take advantage of the services available. Many of the people there are lucky if they have a penny to their name. Use these healthcare options because you cannot afford to pay for other services, not because you just refuse to shell out the extra money.

Australian Assistance
In some of the recent years, Australia has been helping Papua New Guinea out in terms of providing low-cost healthcare. Look for healthcare offices and industries that were started by the Australians. It likely won’t be too difficult to find out the reputation of these hospitals, doctors and other healthcare services. Additionally, these services were designed for individuals who have low budgets. Once again, it’s important to not to take advantage of these services. Call ahead and explain your financial situation to the establishment. See if they even will be able to help you out as these efforts are generally focused on the poorest of the poor.

The method of receiving low-cost healthcare is going to vary based upon whether you are a tourist who just does not want to spend a lot of money on treatment, or you are trying to find options for someone who is currently living in the streets of Papua New Guinea. Whatever you do, be sure to find some recommendations to ensure that the facility is clean, safe and does its job well.

 Author Jason Harter enjoys traveling and blogging. He is a contributing author for travelinsurance.org



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6 Responses to Low Cost Health Care In Papua New Guinea: Advice For Travelers To PNG.

  1. Some good advice here. I especially agree about not taking advantage of the low cost health services designed for the rural population of PNG. Surely if the tourist has bought an Airfare to visit PNG they can afford the more costly options and leave the subsidised options to those who cannot afford anything else.

    • rodney itaki says:

      Agreed Brian. PNG does not has the level of health care to support tourists into the rural areas and that is something visitors must consider and discuss with their travel doctor prior to coming to PNG. Having a travel insurance and a medevac plan is something I would recommend for all visitors. I have just completed a course on Travel Medicine and happy to provide advice on the ground for any visitor wanting local insight on health risks.


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