Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Medicine And Travel Medicine Missing In 2012 PNG Medical Society Annual Symposium.

Every year the PNG Medical Society holds its annual symposium to address current and emerging health issues in PNG. The 2012 theme is “Natural Resource Boom and Its Impact on Health in PNG” or something along these lines. And the program is already out with list of panel speakers, invited guests and discussion panels.

I have been writing on this blog about the emerging field of Occupational Health and Travel Medicine in PNG. This two emerging fields are a direct result of the influx of exploration (mining, oil and gas industries) companies in PNG. The PNG Labor Department is also currently reviewing a new bill to cover occupational health and safety in the workplace. Again this is a direct result of the increase in business activities, particularly in the construction industry. And I had an interview on ABC Radio Australia on this topic: Listen to the Podcast here: http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/radio/onairhighlights/improving-workplace-health-and-safety-in-papua-new-guinea/987738

There is also an increase in visitors to PNG – businessmen and women as well as tourist who see PNG as a top adventure destination. And I have been also writing about Travel Medicine being particularly important for this group of visitors to PNG.

However, it is sad to note in the program of the 2012 annual PNG Medical Society Symposium that these two emerging areas of medicine in PNG as a result of the natural resource are missing as topics of discussion. There is no panel discussion nor specialists in these fields of medicine have been invited as guest speakers.


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3 Responses to Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Medicine And Travel Medicine Missing In 2012 PNG Medical Society Annual Symposium.

  1. Essi Liukko says:

    It is good to know that they are reviewing the safety of health of the worker,in Finland country occupational health and safety is one of their priority because of the fact that worker is a very important person in different kinds of work such as construction and they really deserve to have a good safety and healthy things.

  2. Occupational health and safety should be manadatory for every country. The workers play key role in making a country’s economical good. So the events and programs should be orgnized by companies and government to explore the health and safety awareness.

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