Hearing Loss Isn’t Always Inevitable – Article by Guest Blogger: John O’Connor.

Hearing Loss Isn’t Always Inevitable

Many people consider hearing aids something they will have to wear later in life. They think that hearing loss is an age related health issue and just assume that they will need assistance hearing things as they get older. This assumption is not entirely accurate. Yes, hearing loss is sometimes simply the result of old age, but it is not always the result of old age. Some people lose their hearing because they made poor choices when they were younger, which results in the loss of their hearing either completely or at least somewhat. What people do right now will affect how well they hear later in life.

Lifestyle choices are directly related to hearing loss.  Not everyone who loses their hearing will do so because of the natural aging process. Some will lose part or all of their hearing because they made poor choices as young people. These choices include a poor diet, too much ear cleaning, smoking, listening to music too loud, and not protecting their ears from noises that they take for granted on a daily basis. It’s not hard to make the simple lifestyle changes needed to prevent hearing loss. All it takes is a little motivation and a few minutes to start.

Poor Diet

Not only is a poor diet bad for a person’s body and overall health, it has detrimental effects on their hearing later in life. People who eat poorly increase their chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. People with diabetes have a much higher risk of experiencing hearing loss than those people who are not ever diagnosed with diabetes. Instead of giving up their favorite foods completely, people can cut back on the unhealthy portion of their diet and focus on healthy eating. They save the good stuff for special occasions, or eat them in moderation.


Everyone knows that smoking is a very harmful thing that someone can do to their body. Not only is it terrible for people’s health, it can kill them. With this knowledge, why people continue to smoke remains a mystery. Smoking can directly affect a person’s eardrums, which means they will experience hearing loss later in life. Additionally, the people who are constantly exposed to secondhand smoke are far more likely than actual smokers to lose their hearing as they grow older. Teens and children are particularly susceptible to experiencing hearing loss from their exposure to secondhand smoke.

Loud Noises

It may seem to be common knowledge that working in a factory or with large machinery is bad for a person’s hearing if they do not wear earphones or ear plugs. However, it’s not just those people who have to worry about their hearing being messed up when they go to work. People who do everyday things with everyday items can risk their hearing as well. Using lawn mowers, chain saws, and tractors can have a negative effect on people’s hearing. It is just as important for them to wear earplugs or earphones as the people who work with heavy machinery in factories.

Too Much Music

Loud machines aren’t the only noises that affect a person’s hearing negatively. Listening to music on an iPod that’s turned up to loudly is also damaging to the hearing. People who don’t turn their music down to the appropriate level will risk losing their hearing later in life.

Ear Wax

Most people assume that cleaning out their ears is a great way to keep them healthy. However, most people push q-tips too far into their ears and end up pushing the wax closer to the eardrums, which can cause them to rupture or become damaged. The earwax in the canal is there to protect the ears from infection and germs, and it needs to stay in the canal.

Making healthy lifestyle changes as easy as these are the best way to ensure that people do all that they can to protect their hearing. While they cannot prevent hearing loss from old age, they can protect their hearing as best as possible from outside, and easily preventable damage. No one should have to lose all or part of their hearing because they made poor choices when they were younger.



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