Travel Health in Papua New Guinea: An Emerging Need.

have been writing about occupational health in PNG for sometime now. And recently I had an interview with ABC radio Australia on this topic. Hear the podcast by following this URL:

Another emerging specialty in medicine is Travel Health. I have just completed an online Travel Health course offered by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Giving travel health advice and prescribing malaria chemoprophylaxis is one of the things I do in my current role as an occupational health physician and having this training in travel medicine complimented well my role.

I think this is an important issue for health professionals in PNG to consider with the current boom in business activity. There is an increase in the movement of people in and out of PNG/Port Moresby for business activity. But also there has been an increase in tourist numbers according to the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority. Most, if not all the tourist visitors choose Papua New Guinea as an adventure destination as opposed to well established tourist destinations in our region such as Fiji and Bali. With the movement of people, diseases can cross international borders. Also, there is a need for clinics and health services in Port Moresby to cater to the unique needs of these travelers. There is a large number of PNGeans living in Australia who move in and out of PNG to visit friends and relatives and there is also a need to cater for their needs while they are in PNG.

My prediction is that travel health and occupational health will be sought after service in PNG in the near future and there is an opportunity for business savvy doctors to start a private practice to service this niche market in Port Moresby.



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  1. I was looking for a travel clinic lately and it was not that easy especially that there are many clinic offering different services and I’m having a hard time choosing which one would suit my needs before travelling. My point is not about the clinic, it is about to getting vaccinated when planning on a vacation or going out of town just to make sure not to be affected by any disease occuring on that particular country.

    • rodney itaki says:

      It can be a daunting task. Its best to see a dr who either specialises in Travel Medicine or a family physician who has an interest in Travel Medicine.


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