Announcing Wantok Support Charity (United Kingdom).

Announcing Wantok Support Charity based in UK. Below is a notice written by Anita who is tasked with identifying projects to support in PNG.


Wantok Support is a newly registered charity in the United Kingdom(Dec 2011).

It was established to assist PNG citizens both in the UK and PNG who are either destitute or facing hardships. In addition, it is to work with other charities, church groups, and statutory organisations to deliver services to the people of PNG through projects.

The charity is made up of a small group of people, and currently the Trustees and members of Wantok Support are researching and liaising with individuals and organisations for potential project areas the charity can raise funds to support.

The areas of focus at present are health, education, climate change & relocation, domestic violence against women, and healthy lifestyles. Any information gathered will then be discussed at the next Trustees meeting in July 2012 and any viable project/s will be selected, and fund-raising will commence.

I am wondering if anyone can provide details of small projects that the charity can potentially assist with, either on its own or by working in partnership with other charities both in the UK and PNG.

Please contact me ( if you know of any projects areas Wantok Support can support, or if you wish to assist in any way.






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