Helicobacter Pylori (Campylobacter pyloridis) Prevalence Study in Papua New Guinea

Just some updates.

I have completed the first 50 lot of test kits. So I have 50 more test kits to complete.

There is also a need to review the treatment protocol for peptic ulcer disease and H.pylori infection in PNG. There is mounting evidence that the drug sensitivity of the drugs used to treat H.pylori infection is variable depending on geography location. Helicobacter pylori is also called Campylobacter pyloridis. I think the name is now changed. Thank you to Dr Ajay for correcting me. That is the thing with medical knowledge, it changes so fast we have to keep up to date. I welcome any comments or suggestions on how I can expand this study.

I think that is my next project – comparing symptom resolution in patients with suspected C.pyloridis infection getting different treatment protocols currently advocated. Good clinical study I reckon.

Keep watching for my next post for any updates.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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9 Responses to Helicobacter Pylori (Campylobacter pyloridis) Prevalence Study in Papua New Guinea

  1. Dr. Ajay Krishnan, Kerala, India says:

    Its not “Helicopter” but “Helicobacter” pylori or “Campylobacter pyloridis”.

  2. Dr. Ajay Krishnan, Kerala, India says:

    Best wishes for your study.

  3. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  4. Mere Kende says:

    The best test is picking up Helocobacter pylori in stool sample. Blood test is less sensitive and specific. If you need nay help with more specific and sensitive stool test kit, Contact me. Dr Kende

  5. rodney itaki says:

    Dr Kende email me your proposals.

  6. rodney itaki says:

    And if you dont mind, send me list of the literature on studies examining sensitivity and specifcity of the method on testing for H.pylori in stool specimen.

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