One More Elective Resident Emergency Physician From The States Coming!

Yep, that’s right. I am expecting another resident physician in emergency medicine from the US coming later this year.

It is very encouraging to get more interested doctors coming for short elective attachments in church run health centres in PNG. I am planning for the doctor to spend some time with the Four Square run health centre as well while assisting at the Immanuel Lutheran Rural Hospital. Not sure taking on-calls would be an option but will see.

And experience some Engan culture and tradition.

It would be great to keep this kind of arrangement on going for a long. I really do not know how to yet but will see what the future holds.

Any interested resident doctor or student wishing to do a medical elective in PNG just shoot me an email and we will see how I can arrange one for you.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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13 Responses to One More Elective Resident Emergency Physician From The States Coming!

  1. Rob Tooley says:

    I’m a British medical student, currently trying to arrange a final year elective in PNG in a hospital or healthcare centre, where there is a resident doctor who is happy to teach in English, starting 25/4/2012. I am attracted to a more remote setting within PNG, where I will not be competing for hands on experience with a crowd of elective students, and will be able to work hard to make my contribution a positive one and to get the most out of this opportunity as well as benefit from the local community. I have a lot of experience of independent travel and have achieved highly throughout my degree so far. I am eager and have a good sense of humor! Any help from anyone would be appreciated… PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.
    Yours Faithfully

  2. Jong says:

    Hi Dr Itaki

    My name is Jia-Wen Ong (most people call me Jong) and I’m a medical student from Australia, currently in my second year of postgrad medical studies. This is my first clinical year, and I was hoping to be able to do a medical elective in PNG in either the month of January or February 2013, for four consecutive weeks. At the end of this year, I will have done ten-week blocks in general surgery, emergency, and ambulatory care, but no rotations in ObGyn or paediatrics, etc. A friend wants to come with me too, if that is acceptable.

    I was wondering if it is acceptable for me, at my level, to undertake an elective in PNG. I’m a hard worker, and I have no problems with self-directed learning, and my hope is to contribute as much as I can to a community that needs it.

    I would appreciate any reply at all! I can be contacted on


  3. Emma says:


    My name is Emma Powell and I am a final year medical student at the University of Otago in Wellington, New Zealand. I would be very interested in finding out more about an elective in PNG. I am particularly interested in emergency medicine and paediatrics. Any further information regarding this possibility would be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  4. Bharathy Gunasekaran says:

    Hi Dr Itaki,
    I am a 5th year medical student from the University of Melbourne. I am interested in doing an elective in PNG in August of next year. I have done placements in rural as well as Indigenous settings and would love to undertake an elective in PNG. However, I have had some trouble getting in touch with someone who could assist me with this. Any form of assistance from you would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you


  5. laura devine says:

    Hi I am a final year medical student (university of liverpool) and would love to do my elective in PNG this summer (2013) specifically focusing on maternal health. I am a bit apprehensive going somewhere on my own as a female therefore I was wondering if you would know of any hospitals that offer on site accommodation?

    Thanks very much

    Best wishes

  6. Natasha says:

    Dear Dr Itaki,
    I’m a British medical student in my final year at Bart’s and The London School of Medicine, and would like to arrange a final year elective in PNG in a hospital or healthcare centre, where there is a resident doctor able to teach in English. Ideally the elective would start between 22nd April 2013 and 6th May 2013 and last 4-5 weeks. I am particularly interested in surgery but would be more than happy doing a mix of work. I am happy to work hard to benefit the local community and am a friendly, enthusiastic team-worker with a lot of travel experience. I have achieved distinctions in my degree to date and can provide a letter of support from my University.

    I would be grateful for any help anyone can give me in getting something organised.
    Thank you! I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Yours faithfully

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