Thinking of going Pro!

I am seriously thinking of going pro on WordPress.

My problem is I do not have a credit card so I am unable to pay for the fees online. So instead I have applied for a Visa Debit Card. It is offered by BSP so I am now waiting for it to arrive/approved.

I have also opened a paypal account. Several visitors to my blog have indicated interest in several of my articles and are willing to pay for it (via paypal) but I have no paypal account so I have missed out on these opportunities.

So soon visitors to my blog will be able to purchase my articles using paypal.

On a different note, a little research (done by my missus) has revealed that with the focus on PNG oil and gas industry, more visitors are coming to PNG. For business and pleasure. But little health information is available to them.

They would like to know things like, malaria prophylaxis, vaccines, endemic diseases, risk reducing behaviors and many more. So I will create a new page on my blog addressing these issues. Specifically focusing on visitors to PNG.

Keep watching.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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