And We Are At It Again! Another Vote Of No Confidence Looming!

I hate to write about politics in PNG on my blog but I can not let go of this issue without making a comment.

Since independence we have had votes of no confidence after votes of no confidence. One government will usually lasts 2-3 years and then another vote of no confidence will occur and a new coalition government will be formed.

In comes the Political Party Intergrity Bill and PNG for the first time had a stable government for nearly more than 5 years. I can not say the current government has been a very popular government but one thing that has had large economic benefit to PNG (macro-economic that is) is the stability. But really the credit should go to Sir Mekere Mourata and his government who introduced the necessary legislations that the current Somare government is benefiting from. The Somare government has also not been very popular with the PNG people, has been very friendly to foreign investors though, too friendly to my liking!

Now back to this vote of no confidence. When the Political Party Intergrity Bill was first introduced, I must admit I was very happy. Why? At least for once we will have stability. Then when some of the Somare government’s decision did not go down well with the PNG people I was thinking if we were on the right tract. I am sure most PNGeans felt the same way too. Now that a supreme court bench has ruled that the Political Party Integrity Bill is unconstitutional, we are back to having votes of no confidence. Remember all laws new or old must be in line with the constitution. The laws can be changed or new laws can be introduced but the constitution remains the same.

But look at the people trying to form the government. They are the same people. Sir Mekere Mourata has proven that he can be a good prime minister. I am not sure about the others. They are all seasoned politicians for one thing.

The big question is this: is this a return to the days of votes of no confidence?


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