ViaSat Internet At Immanuel Lutheran Rural Hospital At Last!

At last we have internet service at Immanuel Lutheran Rural Hospital.

Here are some pictures of the installation. Our system was installed by Hitron. Unfortunately we still need a router and a server before the services can be installed in other offices. For the moment we are using a small wireless router. We still do not have a system administrator so Paul from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has been a tremendous help to us in this regard.

Pole for mounting the disc

We had to put in this pole for mounting the disc. After the pole was put in we realised we had to put up two braces to hold the pole so it does not move. These are some of the things you learn working in a rural hospital. Technical skills and rural medicine!

Pole with disc

Just as well the brace was weilded on. After the disc was mounted I saw how important the brace was. Without the brace the pole would swing like a mast with the disc behaving like a sail.

Signal receiver being mounted

Searching for satellite signal

The technician puting the final touches.

Speed testing

 Finally the speed testing was done and our ViaSat system was up and running.


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