Surgery At The District Hospital

I graduated in 2000 and after two years of residency I decided to do pathology training.

As you may have read from my previous posts I decided pathology was not for me so I decided to return to PNG after 3 years of studying in Japan. After one and half years working with a private clinic in Port Moresby I decided to work with the Lutheran Mission in PNG.

At the mission hospital I was expected to do everything. It was very challenging but it was either you swim or sink!

Dr Saulep and me removing an ovarian cyst.

The hardest part was trying to do surgery again after 5 years of doing laboratory work only. I must admit I was very nervous but thanks to Dr Steve Lutz and Dr Raymond Saulep I was able to find my feet. The biggest thing was regaining that confidence in yourself. After that it was like clockwork. The message here I guess is you have to have people around you to help you achieve you objects. I am a strong believer of team work and you can do a lot with a team. Individually you can only do so much.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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