Surgical Workshop at Kudjip Hospital

I am this week attending a surgicalworkshop at Kudjip in Mt. Hagen. The workshop is on the Intergrated Management of Essential Emergency Surgical Care advocated for resource limited countries.

Working as a medical doctor in rural PNG is very challenging as you may have read from my previous postings. This training is aimed at equiping rural doctors with essential emergency surgical skills to attend to common surgical problems in the abscence of a specialist surgeon.

A year a ago before moving from Japan to work in rura PNG I was nervous but I feel a lot better now. I have the confidence to attend to emergencies or trauma cases.

Sorry for the long pause between postings.

Our hospital, Immanuel Lutheran Hospital is slowly getting our VSAT system in place so I am posting from Kudjip Hospital. Thank you Dr Radcliffe and the management of Kudjip Hospital for having us and allowing us internet access.

Thank you also to partners of Kudjip Hospital in USA for supporting Kudjip Hospital.

I hope I am not too long for my next post.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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