Want To Be A Freelance Writer!

I have been keep this blog for nearly 2 years now!

And I thought I think I should make some money from blogging or writing. I have enough writing experience. I have a list of publications already and I thought, why don’t I try.

So this post is self-advertisement for my services as a freelance writer.

If any one out there in the cyber world needs the services of a writer, shoot me an email or leave a  comment here.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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5 Responses to Want To Be A Freelance Writer!

  1. Brenda says:

    Hello Rodney,
    I do not have a web site but I would need some advice on how I can be able to contribute articles not as an academic but as a reporter.
    Can you please advice me on this?

    Thank you,
    (Leeds University, UK)

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Yeah Bro, I knwo how you feel. Been thinking the same thing too myself lately…

  3. Tim Kwara says:

    I want to know more about blogging and may write on health issues when I have the time.

    Please do not give up, health is an issue that many people want to learn about.

    Are you are journalist? I used to be one but now I work in a theological college editing and formatting Theological Education By Extension (TEE)materials.

    Someone asked me to format a TEE course on AIDS but I have other courses to work on at this stage.


    Tim Kwara
    CLTC Banz campus
    PO Box 382 Mt Hagen, WHP

    • rodney itaki says:

      I am a medical doctor currently employed at Immanuel Lutheran Hospital in Wapenamanda. I enjoy writing. Let me know if you need me to write some articles for you.

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