Respiratory Infections In Port Moresby.

Sorry folks for the long delay…AGAIN!!….between posts.

After my last posts on the rise of respiratory infections in Port Moresby, there seem to be no slowing down. Infact, we have gone out and given flu vaccines to a few company employees in Port Moresby.

Are we having an epidemic of flu or is there a new strain going around?? As far as I know, these things are not routinely monitered so there is no telling.

A few major bank roberries in Port Moresby – all involving taking hostages!! So it seems if you a bank executive in Port Moresby, it is a high risk job.

My friend, Ian is now back from UK and is a lecturer at the UPNG medical school. We are planning to do few DJ shows in PNG. He was a DJ master in London.


Well running out of time here.



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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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