A Very Belated New Year’s Greetings to You All!

Today is the 21ts of January and I am getting my new years greetings out to all my readers. Sorry people! Really!! I now I have busy at the clinic but I know it’s no excuse for not writing regularly. But here goes. I want to thank you all for supporting my blog by visiting and commenting. Your comments have really motivated my to keep this blog going. And I hope you all will continue to support my blog.

A big thank you to Manu and Masalai Communications. Putting my blog on your blog gave me the starting exposure. Masalai Communications blog has a lot hits I have been getting a lot of refferals from your blog and I just want to say a big thank you. Oh, Manu, sorry we could not have luch the other day. Plant taim stap. A very big thank you also to VB and vortexpng. I have been also getting a lot of referrals from vortexpng and I want to thank you all.

The new year’s “fireworks” show at Ela beach was really disappointing! After seeing all the summer fireworks in Japan, I was expecting something a little bit similar but all we got was a few flares firing up and dying away. It was an anti-climax.  With so much high expectation and getting a poor show. Really, the governor’s office should have budgeted and given the residents of Port Moresby a good show. Quite disappointing.

The work at the hospital is still being. But getting there. So do come around and see what we have to offer. The new extensions will have 17 rooms, able to occupy 4 beds, each with its own shower and toilet, a minor and major operation theatre, a well set up ER with video monitor, one floor elevator and the usual 24 hours laboratory and X-ray. But I really like the ER set up. The ambulance can drive right in, leave the patient and the operation theatre is adjacent to the ER room, the X-ray is also adjacent to the ER room so any major trauma or emergency operations can be managed quickly and efficiently. So looking forward to it.

And I have decided to get into some business activity to. I have registered a renovations and maintenance company and I am now looking for contracts. So if you have renovations or maintenance to be done at your home house or office just email me or leave your comments here. I will upload the company profile soon so that it can be easily downloaded for viewing. I am starting out with tradesmen/carpenter and tradesmen/plumber. And outsourcing the electrical jobs. But in the future hope to have my full-time electrician. With the real estate boom and demand for housing in Port Moresby I have decided my luck in the building and construction industry.

And if you are thinking, “what in the world does a medical doctor know about building and construction?” Well, I just manage the company. And hope to open up a private general practise clinic soon. Just doing the ground work now.

And still looking to buy my first house. Anyone selling house in Port Moresby email or leave your comments here.

I have beeing shoping around at all the Internet Service Providers, like Daltron, Datec and Datanet. But I have not made up my mind whose service to utilise at my home. Can anyone recommend which ISP to use?


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