Private Medical Care In Papua New Guinea.

Private Medical Care is still not well developed in PNG. But with the deterioration in public health care system more and more people are now opting for private medical care, despite the high costs.

In Port Moresby there are now 3 big medical centres, small hospitals really. By the number of patients that I see present to the private hospital where I am working, I can tell that people are willing to pay if a good standard of service is provided by the private sector. I am not trying to get people to seek private medical care but I think people in PNG seem to have no choice. Where I am working, we make about 3-4 referrals to Australia for further investigations, like MRC scan or to be seen by specialist medical officers.

I guess this now brings the issue to health insurance for discussion. Should the government have a National Health Insurance Scheme to cover the public servants? After all most, if not all seem to come to private medical centres. If the government is not prepared to look after its own employees, I think the government should give the money to the private sector to provide that care. 


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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