So Back in Port Moresby.

OK my dear readers, sorry for the long, very long delay in posting since my last post. It has been nearly 4 months since my last post which I wrote while in Japan. Well, now that I am back in POM, PNG, the Internet access is not as readily available and cheap as in POM. Oh yeah, I withdrew from my PhD studies and found myself out of a job here. Got chucked out of my last job but that’s OK. I believe that when one door closes in your life, another opens. So I did some job hunting and am now working as a GP at The Paradise Hospital. That’s just opposite PMGH. There are some new construction going on so you won’t miss it.

Back to what I was saying, no Internet access, no job and no money so no post. Well, now I have settled in so want to let you all my readers know that I am well and truly alive. Just on the periphery of the Information Technology highway I guess!

When I arrive in August, Port Moresby was VERY filthy but must say thumbs up to governor Pawes Pakop who as done a tremendous job of getting the city looking clean. And all the port holes are begining to disappear. The new construction between Waigani and Gerehu is stil a nightmare in the mornings between 7.30am and 8.30am/ and 5-6pm. Hopefully the new “highway” will ease the traffic flow but really, I think something should be done about the Waigani traffic lights!! Get rid of it and put a huge round about or something like the tunnel near stop and shop! The traffic jam starts from the traffic light so remove the blockage and allow free flow of traffic.

Did not get to see most of friends. All busy, busy, busy! 3 years is a long to be away from my ‘friends’ who have now moved on in life. I realise we do not share the same interests and passion as we were 3 years ago. Or have I been ‘Japanised!”..LOL!

Did not get to do much photo shooting. But will definitely and put up some pics of POM. But I have to watch out….if you live in Port Moresby you know what I mean.

So my dear readers, do not loose hope. I am back and will continue to write and tell you all what POM is like now and PNG as a whole. And share some nice pics too with you.

Till my next post..hope not too far away. I will try and make one post every week. Internet cost is the common denominator here so I have to write once a week.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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6 Responses to So Back in Port Moresby.

  1. Rex says:

    Hi Bro

    So you already back in POM aye??
    Great…..let me know so I can visit you sometimes.

    Have a great day!!


  2. Stephen Kikala says:

    Hello Roddy Kaim

    Bro, it was heartbreaking that you’d left on short notice. If I’d realized that you were leaving for good in August this year (2007) I would have done anything to be there in Shinjuku on your way to Narita Airport.

    I guess we’ll catch up in the near future for some good times when I finish in September 2008.

    Best regards to you, missus and that handsome little boy of yours!


  3. rodney itaki says:

    Kaim, no worries.

    Send me a line when you are in POMCT.

    I am in private practise now and thinking of pursueing post-graduate studies in public health/bussiness management.

  4. deberigny says:

    Rodney, I’m very interested to hear about health issues in PNG. Do you know the Sepik at all? Dave


  5. CoopstarLongLife says:

    Hey bro,

    I haven’t heard from you since.

    How are you doing?

    I’m still in China.


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