My Last Post From Japan.

THIS will be my  last post from Japan. My next post will be from PNG. Everything is packed. Travel itineries have been checked and rechecked and will be rechecked again tomorrow morning.

We will be leaving Takamatsu city at 9.30pm by bus and arrive at 7am at Shinjuku central station in Tokyo Saturday morning. It will be a very long ride but it is the cheapest. I am also travelling with my family too so I hope my 1 year old son does not disturb the other passengers who might want to sleep.

At Shinjuku I hope to meet up with my friend VB, founder and owner of I will need a helping hand to move my luggage to the bus which will take us to Narita international airport. At Narita, it’s another wait for our Air Niugini flight to Port Moresby. I can’t wait!

Last night we had dinner at a friend’s house and they told us that a typhoon will be passing over south of Japan. Infact, after lunch today it started to rain heavily with strong winds. The rain has stopped but the wind is still blowing. Fortunately the typhoon will no be passing near Tokyo or the route of our bus. I am just full of anticipation that I do not want any delays..LOL!

This is it! My last post from Nippon. I will let you all know what I am up to in PNG in my next post.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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  1. Rex says:

    No more Sake?? Bring some so we can make a little party in POM. Maybe experiment on how fast Sake affects individuals during the Medical Symposium 🙂

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