Cancer and Radiotherapy in PNG.

SOME welcoming news. Outgoing Minister for health, Sir Peter Barter announced to the PNG Women Doctors Association that the government has allocated K5 million kina ($USD 3million) to resurrect the radiotherapy unit that was based at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.

It is indeed good news. Full credit to the PNG Women Doctors Association who have been working tirelessly to raise awareness and pressure the government to take action. Sir Peter Barter also mentioned that some of funds have also been allocated to kick start a vaccination program for PNG women. I think I will write on the vaccine against cervical cancer in one of my posts this week.

My friend Ian from our Yahoo Group – PNG Doctors Group, is also making his way to PNG and hopefully I will catch up with in during the medical symposium. I met Ian at a bar at the Gateway hotel in PNG while having a few drinks with a good friend, Dolly, a cabin attendent. Actually Dolly had met Ian earlier during the flight from Mt. Hagen to Lae. What a coincidence that Dolly met him again at the hotel bar, but this time with me. Ian’s mother was staying at the hotel so they came down to relax and that is where we met. After the introductions I soon learnt that Ian was a volunteer doctor based at the Tinsley Hospital, a mission run hospitalĀ in Mt Hagen.

Ian has started a charity organisation to help with cancer diagnosis in PNG using telepathology and I am looking forward to meet him and help organise a meeting for those interested during the medical symposium. I have an interest in telepathology and have written few posts on this subject.

Sir Peter Barter has been one the best health ministers PNG has had, if not the best. A man of action and really wants to see improvement in the health service delivery in PNG. I hope when the new health minister is announced, we will have someone of a similar character and and one who cares for the welfare for all Papua New Guineans.


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  2. Emmanuel says:

    Hey Rodney, let us know how you go with Ian. I’m keen to see what he’s about!

  3. rodney itaki says:

    Manu, will keep you posted. I will try and send you the document outlining the Charity organisation.

  4. Rex says:

    Thanks Rodney

    It’ll be interesting to know about Ian.
    Will try to catch up with you guys

  5. badira says:

    Sounds like great news.

    Rodney, I heard the SI is using telepathology, is it true? Any information on that?

  6. rodney itaki says:

    Yeah bro, SI has a telemedicine network. Here is the address:

  7. badira says:

    Many thanks bro.

    Catch you and the family on Saturday in Tokyo!

  8. Henry Onzem says:

    Hi Rodney,

    I hope you still remember me. In any case, it seems we have a mutual friend. You met Ian in PNG and I met him while he was in transit via Sydney.

    In any case, he stopped with me on the way back to London which is where your name popped up.

    I was interested in knowing the progress of the work Ian was doing in PNG, as I have some personal experiences with Cancer.

    Anyway, I trust this finds you well.

    All the best and God bless to you na family.

    Keep in touch,


  9. rodney itaki says:

    Hey Henry, long time no hear.

    He was on a kind of fact finding mission in PNG.

    I did not have a chance to speak to him on his way back to England.

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