Finally! A Much Needed Break!

FINALLY I am going home – to Papua New Guinea, for a much needed break.

I have been in Japan for nearly one and a half year since I last visited PNG and can not wait to go. I will try and catch up with my old friends and more importantly strengthen my friendship with the new ones I have made. Some via blogging. I think I will make a courtesy call to Manu and meet the guy in person since I have been a frequent visitor to his blog!

VB and I have planned for some events during this break too so really looking forward to it. Then there will be the annual PNG Medical Society Symposium so hope to catch up with the latest in medical research in PNG.

I think I have reached a stage where you can say I am having “mental constipation” and this break will be like my treatment for this constipation. Honestly, I don’t know how my professor survives without having burn-out. I am not sure if he has a life outside the university and the laboratories.

And I just got my ticket tonight – from Tokyo. I used the services of K-line Travel. They handle most travellers going to the Oceania region. In fact this is my second time to use their services. One more thing – I got my ticket via E-mail. I did not even know of E-ticket until I checked my mail tonight and there it was. All I have to do is print it out. How easy is that.

So yeah, probably because of this “mental constipation” I am having, I have been sluggish in publishing my posts. I hope this trip and break to PNG will do the trick.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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4 Responses to Finally! A Much Needed Break!

  1. badira says:

    Absolutely true bro. Mental constipation, I could have not put it any better.

    Well, after a day of not doing much at my desk, mental constipation is the word. Its times like this when I know I should be doing some work but I am not, when life seems worse, mind plays tricks, yes, mental constipation. Well, A trickle of tear runs down my cheek, I swear it could have passed for a drop of sweat. Its been 7months since I last saw home, I know it may not be that long, but people like us where home is where the heart is, its sure feels like a life time.

    I am really aesthetic and over the moon going home, I literally sense that my batteries are going to be charged, and I hope it overcharges 10 times over.

    So when I get on that Air New Guinea flight and as we soar up into the heavens and glimpse back down at one of the greatest cities on earth, Tokyo, a place that never sleeps. I will just say, wow, glad to be back on “PNG time” – for a while. Time, a four later word, many under estimate, but Japan thrives on it, routines synchronized from humans to electronics, from local business to global assets, Toyota, Nissan, Sony, Nokia and the list goes on, all synchronized on time. Glad to be going home.

    Too true bro, mental constipation is the word for this typical island man…lol

  2. rodney itaki says:

    Thanks kaim. you stap lon same boat so you understand…LOL.

    See you next week lon Narita!

  3. Rex says:


    When you in Pom check me out. I’m sure if you get to the Medical Symposium you’ll be able to catch up with me….but then again…you may not as I am not into the medical stuff.

    But…..I’ll be around…maybe we all can catch up. You, me and Manu…..I’m sure Manu has not seen me in person also 🙂

    Jah Mata!

  4. rodney itaki says:

    Hey rex, hope to meet you during the symposium. Will keep an eye out for you. Will try and catch up with you too.

    Where are you based?

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