Do You Know Your IQ?

DO you know your IQ?

I wanted to know my IQ score and took a free on-line test offered by Tickle. Just for fun. And it turned out I got a pretty good score – 131! I even got a certificate for it. Don’t know its use thought but looks pretty impressive. See how it looks here.

And they also gave a full report of my performance.

According to their assessment my intelligence is of a Facts Curator type. I also learned some interesting things about how my brain functions. My intelligence breakdown according to their report is as follows:

  • Mathematical intelligence – 100th percentile.
  • Visual-Spatial intelligence – 80th percentile.
  • Linguistic intelligence – 100th percentile.
  • Logical intelligence – 90th percentile.

These percentiles were based on one million users who have already taken the tests. Not bad.

Take the test and know a bit about how your brain function to process everyday information.

Some simple suggested ways to improve your IQ:

Mathematical intelligence:

  • balancing out your checkbook
  • figuring out your monthly budget
  • predicting what the change will be the next time you buy something

Visual-spatial intelligence:

  • playing chess or video games
  • studying maps
  • photography

Linguistic intelligence:

  • doing cross-word puzzles
  • reading for fun
  • befriending your dictionary
  • try reading the instruction booklet when you buy something new

Logical intelligence:

  • trying some brain teasers
  • throw away the instruction booklet and fix something using your instinct
  • playing chess

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  1. mangimosbi says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I guess they also told you that Bill Gates is also one of those facts curator types.

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