Hotel California – Eagles.

I love playing guitar – lead guitar to be exact. BUT I have not touched a guitar since arriving in Japan. Been too busy doing my research work. It’s been two years now since I last held a lead guitar in my hands.

Playing lead solos was my way of relaxing after a hard day. I am into blues but willing to play anything. I also like classical guitar. Infact, I started on classical guitar before moving onto the lead guitar.

Anyway, I was surfing around and came across many Eagles video clips. And I think the lead solo in their hit song – Hotel California is one of the longest. It’s one of my favourite songs too. The lead solo lasts about nearly 3 minutes! I am not sure if there other longer lead solos.

Here are two versions of the song Hotel California. Both a live performance – one is with acoustic guitars (unplucked version). I like both.

Electric version

Unplucked version


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3 Responses to Hotel California – Eagles.

  1. Rex says:

    I love the unplucked version… cool

    I tried learning to play a guitar….but didn’t move further from leading the major chords 🙂

  2. rodney itaki says:

    Yeah, me too. No worries Rex, just have a guitar around the house and give yourself some time. Good luck.

  3. Rex says:

    Yes..I certainly will do that.

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