Digicel Launching Delayed!

Just when I thought I would get a better mobile phone service in PNG, I realise I have to wait for another 12 months. That’s right, the PNG government has withdrawn its licence to Digicel and the launching has been postponed for 12 months. The reasons cited where that terms of the licencing were not consistent with government policy.

After so much money was spent hiring “consultants” to sort all these things out, why was the licence issued in the first place? 

And Telikom PNG will be split into two companies – NetCo, which will be the wholesale infrastructure service provider and ServCo, which will be the retail services provider. Both 100% stated owned!

Just waiting to see what will happen next – when the new govenment of PNG takes office in August.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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3 Responses to Digicel Launching Delayed!

  1. Rex says:

    Don’t worry!
    Telikom monopoly in the mobile industry will end after next month.

  2. rodney itaki says:

    Hey Rex, that’s comforting.

    PNG is still the land of the unexpected!!..LOL

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Mate hatim bel stret yah!!

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