How To Combat Counterfeit Products.

I received an email last week warning me not to buy toothpaste made in China because the products may contain glycerin. A chemical that is potentially hazardous to the body.

That led me think about counterfeit products. The production of counterfeit products is a world wide problem. And it seems the production of counterfeit goods are either based in China or if based in other countries, is operated by Chinese. I must say it clear at this stage that I have nothing against Chinese! It’s the production of these below quality counterfeit goods that I am against.

So how do we stop these illegal operations?

While world governments are pressuring the Chinese government to crack down on the illegal operations, I do not think it will totally stop them. It may make these operations become more sophisticated and more difficult to detect.

The simple and maybe the most effective way to stop the production of counterfeit goods is simply to stop buying them!



About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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