Awareness And Promotion Through Blogging.

Last week I popped over to masalai blog and found out that a blog on HIV/AIDS and other youth related issues has been put up. Actually I am a regular visitor to masalai blog because I have an interest in Internet technology and find most postings by Emmanuel stimulating.

Anyway, back to the new blog, it’s called You Tok and is authored by Rex.

Publishing on the web has been phenomenal. None more so than blogging. Blogging has provided an avenue to interests groups and individuals to publish their works for promotional or awareness activities. There are 2 blogs that I think are worth mentioning here and they are You Tok and Save PNG. Both are serving a niche and I think it’s the right way to make others aware of the great work you are doing.

I think with the phenomenal rise in Information Communication Technologies in developing countries happening right now, we are going to see more and more individuals and groups in developing countries resorting to blogging to publish their activities. The great thing about blogging, I think is you are in control of the content. And the cost compared to readership you can get is amazing. Compared to mainstream media outlet, you may not get much publicity when compared kina for kina (or dollar for dollar).

I was watching a TouTube interview in which the CEO of Google, Dr Eric Schmidt was talking about the need for accessing information. One of the things he mentioned was that in the next 20 years, information available on the web will be massive. Documents amounting into the billions!

One of problems that print media are facing now is that revenue generated from printing is declining. The trend is that more and more people are preferring to search the Internet for the information they require. More and more advertisers are also using the Internet for advertising. This approach is targeted towards the individual and is more personalised compared to TV and newspapers/magazine advertising.

Putting things into perspective, I think more and more people in PNG will start to author blogs as the cost of the Internet and PCs decrease (hopefully). Issues such as corruption, crime, HIV/AIDS, illegal logging etc etc may be the theme of more blogs. And I think it will complement the work already done by media organisations in PNG.

And interesting point that  Dr Eric Schmidt mentioned was regarding mobile phones. He said even in the poorest of countries, the rise in mobile phone use has been phenomenal. And combination with Internet technology for business has been amazing. The Internet can now be accessed via a mobile phone. With the increase in mobile phone companies and the increase in the number of users in PNG, more and more people in the rural areas may have access to the Internet 15-20 years from now. So publishing via a blog may be one way to give information to those who are looking for it, in the PNG context – the rural mobile phone users.

The main problem may be to make sure the information available is the right and correct one. And is intended for the right purpose.


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