I Think I Have A Fractured Rib!

For those of you play Rugby Union you will underdstand what I am talking about. I played my first game of rugby in high school (Tokarara High School 1989-1992) and since then I have been addicted to the game! Prior to this, the only team sport I knew was SOCCER. I still love soccer though.

Here is a short history of my rugby career:

1991-1992 – Tokara High School first 15.
1993-1994 – Kerevat National High School first 15.
1995 – Harliquines Rugby Club B grade team. Did not play many matches. Busy with studies.
1996 – Medics Rugby Team first 15. Played only one match with visiting Solomon Islands team. Medics won.
1997 – Harliquines Rugby Club A grade Team. Did not play many matches. Busy with studies.
1998 – Wanders Rugby Club A grade Team – Did not play many matches.
2003-2004 – Medics Rugby Club first 15.
2005-2007 – Kagawa Rugby Club first 15.

Representative carrer:
1994 – Islands Region School Boys Team member. First (and last) national school boys rugby union championship in Port Moresby. Went to the finals with POM I. Final score 15-0. POM I won.

2007 – All Kagawa team member.

So there you go folks. That’s my very unimpressive rugby playing career. During that time I have had a broken nose, fractured collar bone, fractured thumb bone, countless cuts and bruises, and yesterday I think I broke a rib!

I got this pass from our stand-off, it was what you might call a ‘hospital pass’, and it sure was. I was hit in a very good tackle and was windered for about 5 minutes I think. And now I am agonising with constant pain on the left side of my chest with every movement. Even a slight cough is painfull so I have diagnosed myself with fractured rib. Will have the x-ray done tomorrow for confirmation.

Why do I keep playing with all these injuries? Well, I really don’t know. I guess I am just addicted to pain..LOL… Nah. I just love the game.

It’s the game that is played in heaven!

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