The Miracle Of Life: Part I

I think the process of conception to a normal child birth is truly one of the wonders of life. Here is a general overview of the process.

Many may have their conceptions and beliefs of the origins of life on this planet but if we carefully study the whole process, we can only marvel at its beauty. The whole process from the fertilization of the egg from the ovaries by the sperm, the cell divisions that go on until a human being takes form inside the uterus is really amazing! And it all happens in 9 months. Every process has its own check and balance. Each step is carefully regulated so that no mistake is made. If a mistake is done, the whole process is abandoned. All these reflect a system that was designed!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can now visualise some of these processes. I have searched YouTube and compiled a list of 3D animations to show these processes. And I will briefly but carefully explain each one.

The release of egg from the ovary.

We begin our journey in understanding the miracle of life with the release of the egg from the ovaries. This process occurs every month. If the egg is not fertilized, it is released along with uterus lining (that was prepared to accept it in the event of a successful fertilization). The shedding of the uterus lining occurs in a monthly cycle and is the basis for the bleeding seen during a menstrual cycle.

Here you can see the egg breaking out of one of the ovaries and entering a Fallopian tube. In reality the tube is full of microscopic moving hairs which help to push the egg down to the uterus.

Somewhere along the Fallopian tube or just before entering the uterus, the egg is fertilised by a sperm. There are millions of sperm but only one lucky guy gets the egg! Note the size of the sperm compared to the egg.

As the egg travels down the Fallopian tube, the cells multiply and form a small ball like structure that implants itself on the uterus lining that was prepared to receive it. This ball-like structure will now feed from nutrients supplied via the many small blood vessels on the uterus lining.

In my next post, I will continue to on with understanding the miracle of child birth.


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