Can Rape Turn Nasty?

Something different for this post.

I was browsing through the headlines in today’s National and a news article with this heading caught my attention – “Attempted rape turns nasty”. So I decided to read what the story was about.

Firstly, “Can rape turn nasty?” I mean, how can rape turn nasty? By reading the headline, I am getting the impression that rape is a good thing that turned bad! If a thing turns nasty, that means, it must be a good thing in the first place for it to turn nasty. I read about football matches turning nasty because of crowd violence or a family outing turning out wrong because of a accident. But never head of thing such as rape turning nasty.

I have nothing against the reporter of the newspaper. I just think the heading of the story is misleading and giving out a totally wrong message.

Secondly, something is missing from the story of the attempted rape and murder (the soon to be rapist was murdered). Let me briefly give the story here and say explain why. A young lady walks home from a neighbouring village, escorted by two men known to the girl. On the way, they are met by some men who chase away the escorts and “try to rape the women”. From reading the article I gather that the first guy took the young lady to some nearby bushes to rape her. Because the newspaper reports says “the others stood watch”. Then, when the guy failed to show up, probably to let the others have their turn, his mates went looking for him and found him at the bottom of a cliff. He was dead with multiple knife wounds! The prime suspect for the murder of the would be rapist is the woman.

The lady must have been very strong to kill the guy by herself. And where in the world did she get a weapon (a knife) to inflict those fatal wounds to her assailant? If she had a knife or a weapon with her all along she probably waited and knowing that if she struggled she might endanger her own life, she played long with the would be rapists. And when she was alone with one of them, she went in for the kill. Furthermore, the would be rapist must have walked a long distance because his mates did not hear his “help” calls. Or if he was nearby, the first strike by the woman must have been to the neck and throat area, aiming for the vocal chords and the jugular arteries and veins. That can explain the lack of “help calls”.

The other suspects I think has to be the escorts of the young lady. They probably returned to see what the guys would do to the girl but waited in a dark area to watch. And when they saw her being led away by one of the would be rapists, they followed and crept up to the guy while he was attempting to rape the woman and killed him. They most likely carried some weapon too. And two guys against the lone would be rapist? The odds would be overwhelmingly in favor of the two guys who came in the woman’s aid.

Mmmmm, I should be a detective. No, probably have been watching too much psychological thrillers.


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