Bird Of Paradise In Tokyo!

If you think that the Ragiana bird of paradise is only found in Papua New Guinea, think again. The famous bird has decided to make a home in the metropolitant city of Tokyo, Japan. Really! See the picture below.


A friend of mine Dr Dale Frank was in Tokyo and ran into our wantoks. They are probably 4th or 5th generation Ragianas so they forgot tok pisin na motu so my friend tried his best to talk to them in Japanese. They no longer have the space and freedom their forfathers and foremothers once enjoy in the jungles of Papua New Guinea but they are content with what morden Japan can provide.

They told my friend (don’t know how they communicated in broken Japanese) that they really miss PNG and hope to visit the land of their tumbunas (grandparents in PNG pidgin-english) some day. So all you PNG folks, if you happen to be in Tokyo for bussiness of pleasure, pop around to Tokyo zoo and say hello to our long lost wantoks!

Mata ne!


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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