I Am 32 Years Old Today!!

Yep, the big 3-O has passed and I am starting the next decade of my life.

This blogging thing has got an hold on me. Really! Honest! I have many papers to read and presentations to prepare but seem to spent more time researching and writing for my blog! And by the way, I submitted my first paper for publication and it was rejected!! AAAHHHH!!!! That’s the life I have chosen to live – a lab rat. Who knows, maybe I will be some top shot CEO one day or win one of those prestigious scientific awards for excellence in research with the hours of research I seem to amass.

Back to my big 3-O. My better half has also been infected by this blogging bug and she is learning the blogging tricks faster and does all these fancy stuff on her blogs. She has two! Can’t imagine how she can manage two blogs. After all she is my better half so I should not be really surprised. One on WordPress and the other is on Yahoo 360.

Anyway, last night, she forced me to promise that today I must read her blog (actually I do) for today because she wrote up something for me on her blog. So after doing some work this morning I poped around to her blog and WOW! Was I surprised. She prepared a “birthday greeting bloging post”. Not sure if there is a term as such as this. Thanks Dodo. (She hates that name but I love it….LOL..). Thats  the name I used to call her in our yester years. Oh how time flies. Dodo (now she is really smoking through the ears), I promise to prepare the dinner tonight. I do prepare the dinner but I know it should be more frequent rather than the occasional one.

Anyway, and so life goes on for me. And it just struck me this morning to ask myself, when do we really contribute to society? At the age of 30? 35? or 40? Definitely I know for myself that I was not contributing to the society when I was 24! Mmmmm…maybe I should do some research and write a post on that one.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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4 Responses to I Am 32 Years Old Today!!

  1. Badira says:

    My brada…HAPPY B’DAY STRET…. Just want to wish you and family all the best and looking forward to the best of the best years to come.

  2. rodney itaki says:

    Thanks brada, em nau, olsem kedz bin save tok, helipad i wok lon kamap antap stap..LOL..

  3. Danger says:

    Hey Happy Bon De Dr Rod.

    When do we start contributing to society? Good question. I think we do all the way along just at various levels and it takes us a while to realise that yes, we can make a big difference and punch above our weight sometimes. But really, we can do it anytime in small doses.

  4. rodney itaki says:

    Yeah true. Maybe it’s because we want to make big changes too quickly instead of doing it bit by bit.

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