Rapist To Marry Victim??

I have been writing about telemedicine for about a week now but this morning I was very angry and frustrated to read an article in the Post Courier that I just felt compeled to cut and paste the story here. Sorry people, I will continue my series on telemedicine but just feel I have to say this.

Whoever heard of a rapist marrying their victim! If it has not happened anywhere, then you can hear of such stories in Papua New Guinea. This is outright madness! Is the dignity and lives of women in PNG measured in monetary value? Whatever happened to the court system that we decided to adopt when we opt for the West Minister form of government? Or should we all just go back to our tribal laws to solve issues such as rape?

The worst part is when you see a member of the parliament doing things contrary to the laws and principles of governence which they are supposed to uphold, one wonders where the nation is heading! 

Read the article below.


Post Courier, 27th of March 2007. 

Rapist to marry victim

A LOCAL parliamentarian from the Western Highlands Province who allegedly raped a woman early this month has reportedly paid K50,650 (U$16,883.33) to marry the woman.

The woman is reportedly the seventh wife of the parliamentarian. The alleged action by the MP has angered several local level government councillors from the Mul Baiyer Lumusa electorate who want to know where the Member got the money to pay the woman’s relatives.

The councillor, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, alleged the MP had paid K30,000 (US$10,000)to the woman’s relatives over the weekend in Mt Hagen. “Previously the Member gave K14,000 (US$4,666.66) to the woman and another K6000 (US$2000) to several councillors who mediated between the MP and the woman’s relatives after the MP was caught raping her,” the councillor claimed.

The MP also allegedly gave a K650 (US$216.66) cheque to the woman in a hotel room in Mt Hagen after allegedly raped her. The councillor said they had not seen any services for the last five years and asked where the MP was getting all the money to pay the bride price for the woman.

“This action of the elected leader is a slap in the face of the people of Mul Baiyer Lumusa who have trusted him and elected him into Parliament to represent them,” the councillor said. Police Commissioner Gari Baki was frustrated when he learned the relatives of the young woman had withdrawn the charges laid against the MP and accepted the previous K14,000 (US$4,666.66) payment Mr Baki urged the relatives of the woman to write to him directly so he could lay charges on the MP. A driver for the member allegedly lured the young woman into a hotel room in Mt Hagen and left her there with the parliamentarian.

As soon as the driver left the room, the MP allegedly raped the woman eight times after giving her the K650 (US$216.66) cheque.

**I have changed the PNG kina to US$ shown in brackets.


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