New Journal For Science, Technology And Engineering Launched.

I promised that my next post was going to be about the costs of establishing a telemedicine network but decided that it would be best to leave that article as the finale. This is so that other aspects of telemedicine, in particular telepathology, can be examined and as the final article, the costs-effectiveness of telemedicine can be discussed so that we can make up our mind if Papua New Guinea would benefit from a telepathology network.

For this post, however, I want to let all Papua New Guineans know of a new science, technology and engineering journal that has been launced. The journal is titled Papua New Guinea Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering (ISSN 1993-7687) and is published by VortexPNG.

The journal aims to cover research articles, commentaries and letters concerning the sciences (natural and life sciences), technology and engineering as it applies to PNG and the pacific.

I think the journal is meeting an increasing need to share information among PNG scientists, researchers, professionals and scholars and I can only see the journal grow from here.

Sometimes prominent PNG schorlars and researchers publish their works in international journals but are relatively unknown in their country. Therefore I think P.N.G j. sci technol. eng. may be the vechicle that will fascilitate communication as well as provide a platform for PNG schorlars and researchers in the sciences, technology and engineering fields to be aware of each others works and will create the environment condusive for collaborative research.

I think the other good thing about this journal is that it will promote young Papua New Guineans doing post-graduate studies to publish peer reviewed scientific papers.

Anway, I am talking too much, so why don`t you download here the authors instructions and support this new scientific journal and submit a paper.

Next week, I will continue my series of articles on telepathology covering softwares used and end the week with cost-effectiveness of telemedicine.


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  1. rodney itaki says:

    A blog for the journal has also been created. The blog will be used to publish the abstracts and for discusing articles published in the journal.

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    To me it is necessary to find

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