Condoms In Night Clubs.

Couple of weeks ago we had a discussion on PNG Doctors Internet Group regarding condom distribution in PNG. One of the thing with condoms in PNG is that if a guy is seen buying condoms or if friends find condoms in his pocket they will be the subject of jokes. There is still a cultural stigma associated with condom which still needs to be broken.

Anway, so the discussion on condom distribution went on and I suggested this idea. I suggested that we all pick a day or time that is approriate for all of us (since some of the members of our Internet group are overseas) and get together. We will then dress up in costumes or suits that look a big condom and go to a night club and walk around in our condom suits and hand out condoms to anyone interested. Probably we will call ourselves “Drs in kondoms”. A great way to break the cultural stigma with condoms I reckon.

This sounds like a crazy idea but everyone agreed that it’s something worth trying. I am not sure if we do decide to do it, whether the night club owners will allow us into their clubs. I am a little bit worried that their bouncers might chuck us out (with our condom suits and all).

I think a very good way of distribution condoms is making them available in night clubs. The best place would be the toilets. They can be just left there in a box for anyone to pick up. If a condom coin machine is put in there, most likely the coins will be picked and not the condoms. There are many organisations with condoms but it needs to get to where it is needed and night clubs are the places it may be needed in an “emergency situation”.

I have seen a condom coin machine in the toilets of a major hotel in Port Moresby but yet to see it in the popular night clubs. It makes every sense to put condoms in the toilets of night clubs but do not know why it has not been done yet.


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