Thank You Akay47 And Massive Sound System For The Song “Yesu”.

Music is the international language. Music breaks cultural and language barriers. The world and every country have problems that are unique to them but more importantly some problems are common. Through the years music has been used to promote peace, raise funds for disaster appeals, dedication to important world figures and speak against corruption and oppression by governments.

The Papua New Guinea government has been riddled with corruption that the people have suffered. To the extent that the people have lost trust and confidence in the West Minister form of government in PNG. In PNG, people now trust tribal linkage more than the government. Family members are seen as more reliable than the government who should be providing basic education and health services to the rural majority. This rural majority now includes the settlement compounds that are springing up in all major towns in PNG.

When there are these kind of problems in a country, there is always a hunger to speak out. You want to be heard. You want to say how frustrated you are. And speak against the system that has let you down. History shows clearly that music breaks cultural and internationl barriers than any other medium of communication to reach other people outside the system of oppression, corruption and greed.

Massive Sound System has done it beautifully in their song “Yesu” to speak against corruption and greed in the government of Papua New Guinea. The message is clear – “We are a proud people. But the system has neglected us. Because of greed and corruption.” This is the opening lyrics to the song “Yesu”. The song combines techno beats with choir singing in the Engan language. And you can hear the message against corruption clearly. While you enjoy the beat of the song you can still hear the message clearly. Mi blo Enga too so mi saik up yah! I love it!

Thank you  Allen Kedia (akay47) and Massive Sound System for giving me the song “Yesu”. A big thank you also to masalai blog for the interview on your blog. Without the post I could not have known about this group. Congratulations Allen and Massive Sound System. You have done many Papua New Guineans proud.  I wish you all the success. Once again congratulations on the release of your album “Pride, Neglect, Greed”.

Check out their website at or listen to their hit single “Everywhere” on triple J’s unearthed website.


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Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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14 Responses to Thank You Akay47 And Massive Sound System For The Song “Yesu”.

  1. dukduk =])):>* says:

    Hi Rodney,

    Just thought I’d make a small correction: Allen Kedia’s DJ name is “akay47”. He is the producer/DJ of the band “Massive Sound System”, and the name of their first album of which “Yesu” is a part of is called “Pride, Neglect, Greed”.

    tati, koina ku.

  2. rodney itaki says:

    Dukduk thanks for the correction.

    Much appreciated.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Great write up Rodney!

  4. rodney itaki says:

    Dukduk, I have done the corrections. Thanks.

  5. akay47 says:

    Hey Rodney,

    You’re more then welcome with the track. I’m glad you liked it!


  6. Engan says:

    Hi Rodeny! Great to know….You got this song…Yes, keep promoting it…Its a really good song….brings tears to my eyes…

    Thank-you Akay47!

  7. Stephen Kikala says:

    Akay47, the song was one beautiful piece of work! I just wish it was aired every morning at Parliament before the beginning of a session or ordinary business. That’ll give them pollies something to think and feel about!

    Congratulations! I am captivated by the song!

  8. rodney itaki says:

    Yes, its a very moving song, especially for Engans. And with the message against corruption, its just awesome!

    Thank you to akay47 and Massive Sound System for the arrangement of the song.

  9. kabababrubarta says:

    Cool! kabababrubarta

  10. michael says:

    Akay 47 and massive sound system, upela stap lo form! good on you guys!

  11. Rex says:

    Hey, I love that song….I’m looking for the lyrics to the song….
    Can anybody help….

  12. what is tahe meaning of upelar naiinis na ako nd ka makita ung meaning ng upelar

  13. help nga nd ko makita ung meanig ng upelar

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