My Memory Of Legu Kevau. RIP.

I just received an email from a friend that Legu Kevau, wife of Dr Ikau Kevau – orthopedic surgeon at Port Moresby General Hospital and senior lecturer in surgery, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPNG, succumbed to cervical cancer last week.

I will always remember her smiling face in the surgery department. That’s where she was working when I as a third year medical student would usually go in there to ask for surgery lecture notes or other things. To some students and doctors she was a very strict person but I think it was for a very good reason. The surgery department seemed to be most chaotic and disorganised (to me) but being strict and meticulous kept the place in order.

I took a year off from my medical studies half way through my third year to do a year of research at the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute under the supervision of Sir Isi Kevau, professor of internal medicine, UPNG. That’s when I got to know the Kevau family and sometimes spend weekends at their family home in Pari village.

During my one year research work I would sometimes walk into the surgery department to use their computers and she would always ask me how my research work was going and always gave a word or two of encouragement. I will never forget those.

To Dr Ikau Kevau, my teacher and mentor Sir Isi Kevau and all family and relatives of late Legu Kevau, my deepest sympathy and condolences to you. I am miles away from Pari village but my heart and spirit are with you.  Beiten blo mi bai oslem papa God yet wantaim Holy Spirit bai givim bel isi na comfort lon yupela.

RIP Legu Kevau. 


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