Use A Blog To Say What You Want.

Publishing on the Internet using blogs has just taken off. Just about every major bussiness or newspapers have blogs to market a new product or post news items as it happen. And even phenomenal has been the use of individuals to publish themselves using blogs.

There are many who want to write and have their works published or just want to have their opinions heard but the normal publishing mediums such as newspapers’ letters section, magazines or other forms of communication by print is sometimes difficult because of editorial policy. So when blogs came out, it just took off. There was a need and blogs just found a nich.

There are many bloging services out there in the web. I am using WordPress. So far I have no complaints. It`s so easy to navigate and the the FAQ section helps blogging novices like me.

Since I started Family Health Journal, I have learnt a lot about blogging and still learning. The number of readers has also increased at a steady rate and that is really encouraging. Right now on average Family Health Journal has about 20 visitors per day. The thing which makes a blog to last I think are the readers. If there are no readers than it`s not worthing keeping a blog, is there? And that means keeping the content right for your readers.

Another thing which makes blog more interesting to publish in is that it is interactive. Comments are made on articles published and the author can respond. This allows a continued interaction between readers and authors. Other forms of publishing do not have this unique feature. The Internet has made all this possible.

Family Health Journal has reached the 500 landmark hits and I have decided to accept and publish articles from my readers! That`s right folks, I am inviting you all to contribute articles to Family Health Journal.

I have made this decision because I want the readers of Family Health Journal to have their say and publish their articles on this blog. I have decided to do this because I want to make this blog a kind of platform to stand and just say something, share an experience or just say what you belive in. The theme of course will be women and child welfare in the pacific.

So there you go folks, invitation is now open and I am accepting articles from readers of this blog.

I have put up a full description and information – Be A Guest Blogger, that you will need if you are thinking of contributing to Pacific Family Health Journal. All contributors will hold copy right to their work and all articles submitted will be published.

I look forward to your contributions.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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