We Are Limited Only By Our Imagination.

Dr Willie Mol (MBBS) – PNG Doctors Group.

Our government may be doing well now but there is always
room for improvement.

I think generally we Papua New Guinea are good at criticizing and pointing fingers at others. We never seem to ask our self – “Am I doing my job to the best of my abillity? How can I
improve in my performance and do it better?”

Only if every Papua New Guineans could think like that then I’m sure we would see changes.

I was amazed to hear this story about a Japanese house
wife, who invented a component of the washing machine to
trap and remove loose fabrics and other dirt.

She didn’t just sit back and wait for her husband or
complain that her husband didn’t give her enough money.
She did what she could for the home and thought to herself
daily,  “how could I do it better?” She realized that these
loose fabric floating around in the washing machine
stick to the clothes and when they are dry they are
difficult to remove. So she designed the component and sent
it to companies which manufacture the machines. Eventually, it was accepted and incorporated.

Sir Christopher Cockerell’s, idea to invent the hovercraft
came to him when he was in the kitchen. He used cat food
tin and empty coffee jar to do his experiment. When
building it on a large scale, he ran out of money but he
didn’t cry to the government. Instead he sold his personal
belongings to continue. Today, the hovercraft is one of
the greatest inventions. It is a form of transport which
can move on any surface – land, ice or water.

When Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter, he was just an
immigrant in USA from Russia, after the Russian
revolution. He was a mechanical engineer but couldn’t get
a job there. After very hardtimes and struggles, he had a
teaching job at a University in New York. He didn’t give
up the idea of the helicopter. Eventually, his students,
friends and other immigrants help rasied funds to build
it. He didn’t give up because the government didn’t fund
it. After so many more struggles, he designed, built and
flew the world’s first helicopter.

Papua New Guinea needs people with vision and imagination
and are ready to work with pain rather than to work for

We are a young country. We just attained independence and we have a long way ahead so lets all make ourselves useful, no matter where you are, what profession you are in, educated or not. I believe we all have a part to play.


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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