Personal Financial Wealth And A Sucessful Career.

Most of us want financial security as well a successful career. I have to say for medical drs in the public service in PNG becoming financially successful is not possible unless you are involved in some form of private practise or have your own business or investing. Others are opting to go work overseas. People want financial success and the easy and quickest way is obviously through corrupt means. That may be why there is so much corruption in PNG.

All of us want the best for our children and our family. No one wants to see their family suffer. For those moving overseas I fully support that. For others who want to stay in PNG and tough it out that’s OK too. Either way, I still think you can contribute to the development of PNG whether you are in PNG or overseas.

I think we drs are not ‘financially educated’. I have realised that in my own case and am now re-educating myself in this area.I personally have found it helpful to extend my sphere of contact from the hospital to outside the hospital. Making new friends and networking with other professionals such as accountants, bankers, share-brokers, real-estate people, and lawyers is helping me to re-educate myself in areas of either making investments or running your own business.

I think it’s really up to you to decide for yourself what you want in life. Some people just cruise through without knowing what they want and they are confused and are never content. Being ‘successful’ is a very subjective issue. It depends on your own definition of ‘success’.

What do you think?


About rodney itaki

Medical doctor and public health specialist from Papua New Guinea.
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